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1. Before MNS(Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) came in majority in Nashik Municipal Corporation, there was a Liability of Rs. 650 Crores on the NMC to be paid. Economical situation of NMC was very bad at that time. Our Municipal Corporation could have easily become like Jalgaon Municipal Corporation or the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation, but people of Nashik chose MNS and that has helped us to save our city from crisis.

2. Annual Budget of NMC at that time was Rs. 750 Crores, which we have increased to Rs. 1170 Crores due to our hard work and genuine ways of improving NMC revenue, even though the Octroi revenue was lost and LBT doesn’t generate enough revenue. 30% of our budget goes in Salaries, but we are efficiently managing all the development work. We have also identified 16000 properties which were not paying the property tax, this has helped in boosting our revenue.

3. Following is a summary of the Capital expenses which were done on the infrastructure growth of the city :-


  • Financial Year 2009 – 2010 =>Rs. 266 Crores
  • Financial Year 2010 – 2011 =>Rs. 194 Crores
  • Financial Year 2011 – 2012 =>Rs. 232 Crores
  • Financial Year 2012 – 2013 =>Rs. 332 Crores
  • Financial Year 2013 – 2014 =>Rs. 588 Crores
  • Financial Year 2014 – 2015 =>Rs. 828 Crores ( Projected )

This growth in Capital investment in infrastructure projects shows our commitment towards sustainable growth in improving the infrastructure of the city to make Nashik a better and a smart city and a future Metro City of India.

Roads and Traffic :-



4.    Earlier the roads were being made with maintenance period of 1 year. Due to that the contractors didn’t bother to build good roads, as they knew they had to maintain those for 1 year only. Now we have given the road work to contractors with 3 years maintenance contract, so the quality of roads will be very good. We are very strict about the quality of roads this time and any compromise in the quality of roads will result in severe penalty for the contractors and they can also get blacklisted permanently.

5.    The order value of the contracts recently given for roads are worth Rs. 450 Crores, this will help in complete revamp of road network of the city which will include new ring roads and radial roads. All roads of the city will come in perfect shape with best quality by December 2015.

6.    We are also getting all rural areas within the Corporation limits connected with high quality roads. Many rural areas have already gotten very good roads.

7.    Road Widening work has started from all 4 sides of the Nashik Municipal Corporation area. Most of the roads will soon become 4 Lane roads within the Corporation Area.

8.    Untawadi road is almost complete now and the disputes with some local builders have been sorted. Very soon the Cidco traffic and Satpur road traffic will get huge relief. Upcoming Ring Roads which will connect the Radial Roads will allow us to remain congestion free till the year 2041.

9.    We are setting up parking complexes at various locations, which will work on the concept of pay-n-park. This will bring discipline in the traffic of the city.

10.    We have made provision to deploy 8 more Traffic signals in the city as soon as possible.

11.    We are also making Children’s traffic park, so that children can learn the traffic rules in the early stages of their life. Many senior people have no traffic sense, so it is better to educate children now, so that they become disciplined citizens in the future.

12.    We have sent a proposal to Urban Development department of State Government to setup a Traffic Cell, but they have not given permission.

Drainage And Godavari Pollution :-



13.    Drainage capacity across the city is being improved. The drainage capacity of the city was very poor before 3 years and the STP (Sewage Treatment Plants) had capacity of 125 MLT only. We have increased the capacity to 240 MLT so far and by July 2014, we will have capacity of 310 MLT, which will take care of 100% drainage water cleaning for entire Nashik. We are in the process of further improving the capacity to ensure enough capacity till the year 2041. Current need of the city is 240 MLT and the current capacity is also 240 MLT, but the heavy flow of drainage during the morning hours results in overflow of drainage water, which enters directly into the river. Further addition of 70 MLT capacity by July 2014 will help in stopping the overflow in the morning. We are also laying new drainage lines which will run in parallel to Godavari from Gangapur village area till Panchavati. Drainage water will flow through these lines and get treated at the Old Gangapur Naka STP station, Pachavati STP plant, Takli and Pimpalgaon STP plant. Godavari will be free from the drainage water in next few months.

14.    When we took over 2 years ago, Godavari was fully covered with River Weeds (paanveli), now the river has been made free from such river weeds. We have full time River Waste collection boats (panyavarchi ghantagadi) operational to clean the river. We also intend to buy a robot which will help in keeping the river clean from the garbage thrown in the River.

15.    We came up with a very unique idea of giving Sewage water of Nashik to IndiaBulls and in exchange we had asked them to invest 30 Crores to setup our STP stations, we never got any approvals from the irrigation department for unknown reasons. Godavari could have had clean and pure water today if the proposal had been accepted by the irrigation department of our state government.

16.    We have allocated budget of Rs. 45 Crores for the roads and drainage system development in the MIDC area. As the industries have a significant contribution in revenue of the city, so giving them high quality roads, 24×7 water supply and drainage system is our top priority. All industrial areas within NMC limits will get these facilities before December 2015.

17.    Special Zones and buildings are being made for hawkers in the City. We will be giving them space in these special zones to help them continue their living on their street side business. This is a disciplined approach to keep city beautiful and also help the hawkers continue their small business.

18.    Getting rid of encroachments from the city is our top most priority, so all departments are getting trained and empowered to remove encroachments as soon as possible. All our departments have now got special encroachment eradication policy and training for the same.

19.    Nashik is the only City in Maharashtra which has got surplus water supply throughout the city and people get water every day for minimum few hours. None of the other cities in Maharashtra has such stable water supply. People living within the corporation limits are most satisfied with the water available for their living and drinking.

20.    Nashik Municipal Corporation plans to replace all its existing street lights with LED lights. This will help in saving the power by more than 70%, which will save yearly cost by more than Rs. 18 Crores.

21.    Earlier the NMC was only developing gardens and no playgrounds were left for children to play outdoor games. We have allocated budget of Rs. 12 Crores to develop playgrounds for children to play.

22.    Citizens now call us on 145 or 0253-2573151 to fit net on the exhaust pipes of their drainage or safety tank. Our team also does net fitting on the chambers at a very nominal cost. This has resulted in major trouble for the mosquitoes, which in turn has helped in improving health of people of Nashik. Don’t hesitate to call on 145 or 0253-2573151 if you wish to do the same for the chambers and exhaust pipes at your home or office, we are committed to make our city mosquito free.

23.    We have linked 80% of properties so far through our GIS system. None of the other Municipal Corporations in Maharashtra have achieved this level of GIS mapping of properties so far. Soon we will have 100% of properties GIS mapped.

24.    We are setting up Bio-Methane Gas plants to generate 15000 units of Energy per day.

25.    We are setting up Fertilizers plant and 3 pieces of land have been identified for the same. We will invite EoI for the same from private players, who would like to collect plant waste and animal waste which can be processed by Earth worms to form Vermicost (Gandulkhat). People who burn the weeds, plants, grass or tree leaves and pollute the city can now give this to create Vermicost (Gandulkhat).

26.    We have given 1500 homes to poor people through the Gharkul Yojana so far and 1000 more homes are ready now, which will be allocated to poor people soon.

27.    Beautification is being done near the Ramkund Area. You can see the beautiful lights at night time in Ramkund area.

28.    Nashik Municipal Corporation is the only Municipal Corporation in Maharashtra with a full fledged SAP/ERP running all the modules successfully. This has helped in improving transparency and moving forward our revenue will also increase and unnecessary cost that would have gone to additional manpower will get saved.

29.    Nashik Municipal Corporation is the only Municipal Corporation in Maharashtra to have adopted a 100% secure Cloud hosting solution, none of the other Municipal Corporations could adopt Cloud so far.

30.    All the payments which citizens need to make to NMC can now be done online using credit cards or Net Banking facility. Unnecessary visit of Citizens to NMC creates trouble for the Citizens, so we have started this unique facility where all your NMC related bills can be paid online.

31.    We have a 24×7 helpline (in-house call center) to serve the citizens. So far we have addressed 12000 complaints/queries received on the numbers 145 or 0253-2573151.

32.    We have also started photo complaint service, where citizens can now take a photo of a leaked water pipeline or any tree being cut or any particular location and send it to our 24×7 helpline. Our team takes immediate action on the same. This is a very unique initiative which has been taken by Nashik Municipal Corporation only.

33.    We are training our Staff to become all-rounders and handle multiple tasks at a time. Earlier our staff was only focusing on one special domain for which they were hired, this was creating too much demand for manpower and different people were going to the citizens for payment collection and various services, now one person goes for payment collection of water consumption, property tax and etc.

34.    On the spot bills are generated for water utilization. Our staff visiting a particular location takes a photo of the meter and he has the facility to generate bills immediately.

35.    NMC has initiated social activities and sports activities in all the schools under NMC. We give school uniforms, books, shoes and socks to all poor students. Anganwadi mid-day meal has been initiated by us and we have maintained high quality of food in the last 2 years.

36.    We are setting up many conventional centers, recreation centers and Social Temples on demand from the people.

37.    A complete city sanitation plan has been made. We have setup many Toilet blocks and more number of those have been made for women. Rural areas within the corporation limit have been given more preference.

38.    We have a Grievance Redressal department to resolve any grievance or disputes of the citizens.

39.    We are in the process of making Renewable energy parks for children, this step will help in encouraging children’s right from their childhood to go-green. Other sources may not be available for them in the future, so it is must to educate them about the renewable sources of energy.


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