Dr. Pradeep Pawar Nashik Social Work along with Dr. Mrs. Suwarna Pradeep Pawar

Dr. Pradeep Pawar Nashik Social Work along with Dr. Mrs. Suwarna Pradeep Pawar

Dr. Pradeepchandra Pawar has been practicing in the medical field in Nashik for the past 20 years. This has helped him gain an understanding of the different sections of the society from very close quarters. He started his medical service from the Civil Hospital. It was then that he realized the lack of medical facilities available to people from the Adivasi and tribal areas and their plight in general.

Without waiting for the people to actually come to the Civil Hospital, he along with his associates reached out to the people by organizing Medical Camps in these Adivasi areas. Family Planning operations, Gynecological examination and other medical services were provided through these camps to help in improving the living conditions of the Adivasi people.

Due to his rural roots, Dr.Pradeepchandra Pawar is well aware of the problems faced by people in the rural areas. Since the beginning of his medical career he has been actively conducting medical camps in rural areas on a very large scale. He was instrumental in starting the First Infertility Treatment Centre in Maharashtra State Government Hospitals in the Nashik Civil Hospital.

After his stint in Civil Hospital, Nashik, Dr.Pradeepchandra Pawar started his own private set up in the form of Vidula Nursing Home at Gangapur Road, Nashik. This was the first Test Tube Baby Centre in the whole of Northern Maharashtra. Vidula Nursing Home has been the catalyst in bringing about immense happiness and completeness to scores of families and in return earned an equal number of blessings from the well-wishers.

As a mark of respect to his mother’s teachings, from the time of its formation till date, free service to the patients is provided at Vidula Nursing Home every Thursday by Dr.Pradeepchandra Pawar and his wife Dr. Mrs. Suwarna Pawar.

His passion to serve the people in rural and Adivasi areas continues till date and free medical services are provided to them through Mobile Dispensaries. Not just restricted to Free Diagnosis, Dr.Pradeepchandra Pawar and his wife Dr. Mrs. Suwarna Pawar try their best to also provide free treatment and free medicines to these rural and Adivasi patients.

Along with Mobile Dispensaries, Dr. Pawar has continued fulfilling his Social work by organizing free camps for Cataracts examination, Cataract diagnosis and even Cataract surgeries.

Avoiding any sort of publicity about the same, Dr. Pawar is also involved in providing drinking water to the Drought Prone areas in Nashik District.

Having come from a family that is actively involved in farming, Dr.Pradeepchandra Pawar is well aware of the various difficulties and issues faced by the farmers. He has been actively involved in trying to get the various schemes declared by the Government to effectively reach the intended target ie. The farmers. To increase awareness among the farmers, Dr. Pawar has, with his own funds, published and distributed in rural areas, a book detailing the various schemes available to them. Not content with just publishing the book, he has been actively involved as a part of his daily routine, in getting the relevant paperwork and documentation formalities completed by individual farmers and then following up about the same with the concerned authorities.

Dr. Pawar’s daily work as a medical practitioner has also exposed him to the different sections of the Urban population. His focus on the economically weaker sections of the City has been driving his involvement in spreading the web of Bachat Gat among such lesser privileged sections of the city. On similar lines as the farmers, he has been helping to increase the outreach of the various Government schemes intended for the Urban poor, the domestic workers, the unorganized workers and other needy sections of the Society.

New plantation along with existing forest preservation has been another area of special interest as regards to his social commitment for Dr. Pradeepchandra Pawar. Dr. Pawar has been involved in planting and preserving specific trees with the due consultation and guidance of local villagers, in places suggested by them in greater Nashik Taluka, Trimbak Taluka and other nearby villages.

A special mention should be made wherein, on coming to know that students of a Primary school in nearby Devargaon village had to sit on a floor that was coated with cow-dung to make it smooth, Dr. Pradeepchandra Pawar immediately had the school fitted with proper tiles.

Dr. Pawar believes and lives the maxim that since the Society has taken care of him so far….its now his turn and obligation to try in whatever little way he can, to return the debt of the Society.

Dr. Pradeep Pawar & Ma.Na.Se. Chief Rajsaheb Thackeray Mission 2014 for Nashik District
  • Fix the real estate mess. "Real Estate" of Nashik has become the "Real Threat" for Nashik city and surrounding areas. Read more...
  • Setup IT SEZ of 500 acres within first year as Member of Parliament. Generate employment for everyone and provide attractive careers for over 40,000 students that graduate every year. Read more...
  • Make Godavari river - the sacred lifeline of Nashik district, clean and pollution free.
  • Utilize technology for lean, corruption free & efficient governance. Create dataset for all Nashik families so that the needs of Nashik people are identified and analyzed. Utilize Ma.Na.Se. support to ensure benefits from government and semi-government schemes reach the needy.

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