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The real estate mess in Nashik, Sinnar, Igatpuri

"Real Estate" Of Nashik Has Become The "Real Threat" For Nashik

The beautiful land of Nashik district has in itself become the threat for future of Nashik. The decline in revenues of NMC shows that the industries are moving out of Nashik and the new industries cannot afford to come and set up their industries in Nashik, as the actual cost of land in industrial area is at least 5 times more than the MIDC rates in that zone.

Land Bankers have left no land in or around Nashik, at least in the radius of 25 Kms. Unofficially, we know that some of these Land Bankers are the richest people of Nashik, but they don't appear anywhere in the top 25 Tax payers from Nashik. Some existing heavyweight politicians have partnered with the land bankers, so they won't do anything to stop this growing practice of land acquisition by the land bankers. Greed of these land bankers has increased to such an extent, that they don't invest even a single penny in any factory or company. Today we have such a serious problem that even the son and daughters of these rich people are not getting employment and they also don't want to do the land business. If rich people of Nashik don't change their investment strategy, then we will get in deep trouble and the youth of Nashik will need to migrate elsewhere.

I will take efforts in getting financial assistance from central government for new industries and youth who start new business. I will also try to influence local landlords to change their mindset, but youth should also convince their parents to change their mindset for survival, growth and success of our city.

It will be the mission of your Dr. Pradeepchandra Pawar to get various industrial zones declared for pockets of lands around Nashik. Without having such zones and reservations for industries, Nashik cannot grow. I will get severe opposition from such rich people, but I am committed for growth of Nashik. I expect support of common people of Nashik to safeguard future of Nashik and generations to come.

Jai Ma.Na.Se.

Jai Maharashtra

Dr. Pradeep Pawar & Ma.Na.Se. Chief Rajsaheb Thackeray Mission 2014 for Nashik District
  • Fix the real estate mess. "Real Estate" of Nashik has become the "Real Threat" for Nashik city and surrounding areas. Read more...
  • Setup IT SEZ of 500 acres within first year as Member of Parliament. Generate employment for everyone and provide attractive careers for over 40,000 students that graduate every year. Read more...
  • Make Godavari river - the sacred lifeline of Nashik district, clean and pollution free.
  • Utilize technology for lean, corruption free & efficient governance. Create dataset for all Nashik families so that the needs of Nashik people are identified and analyzed. Utilize Ma.Na.Se. support to ensure benefits from government and semi-government schemes reach the needy.

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